What is the difference between a cotton pad and a makeup remover?

3月 31, 2021 li Anne

What is the difference between a cotton pad and a makeup remover? Before being asked this question, I have always shared makeup and makeup removal. I didn’t feel any difference between the two before, so I did my homework. It turned out that there are still some differences between the two. From the name, the role of cotton pad and makeup remover is very intuitively distinguished. One is used for makeup and the other is used for makeup remover. However, because the materials and methods of use of the two are very similar, most people are Mix the two, then let’s take a look at the difference between a cotton pad and a cleansing cotton?

The materials of makeup cotton and makeup remover are made of absorbent cotton and non-woven fabric. The cotton is generally 5-6 cm dry small cotton piece, and makeup remover is divided into wet and dry two types, dry makeup remover and makeup There is no difference in nature of cotton. Wet makeup remover cotton contains makeup remover ingredients, such as makeup remover, which can be used directly as makeup remover. Usually we also call makeup remover wipes.

The main difference between the use of make-up cotton and make-up remover is the difference between wet and dry cotton. The main purpose of the cotton pad is skin care and makeup removal. For skin care, it is usually used with toner. We can use the toner to moisten the cotton pad to wipe the face, or use the makeup remover cotton to wet the face; it can also be used directly Use makeup remover products to remove makeup. The dry cleansing cotton can be used for skin care and makeup removal the same as the cotton pad, while the cleansing cotton with makeup remover ingredients can only be used to remove makeup, without other makeup remover products.

Compared with cotton pads and makeup removers, we don’t need to compete. In my opinion, cotton pads are more cost-effective. Skin care and makeup removal can be done. Whether you are at home or out, you can easily skin care as long as you have cotton pads. Remove makeup. However, many friends feel that it is more convenient to bring makeup remover when you are away. Many makeup remover wipes come in a separate small package, so that you don’t need to bring makeup removers. However, although many cleansing cottons contain makeup remover ingredients, the cleansing effect cannot match that of professional makeup removers. They are only suitable for removing light makeup, not heavy makeup.

In the process of choosing a cotton pad, you must choose a product that is suitable and safe for you, after all, it is a product that directly touches the skin. We mainly rely on the touch and elasticity to judge. A high-quality cotton pad should be soft and malleable to the touch, so that it will not damage the skin when it is wiped. It is best to choose natural cotton as the material, and avoid adding chemicals. A high-quality natural cotton pad should have a light cotton smell and a natural ash smell after burning. Don’t simply judge whether a cotton pad is good or bad based on its water absorption and water release. Many people think that some cotton pads are too absorbent and can easily lead to waste of toner. Such cotton pads are not good. In fact, good cotton pads are not good. Both good water absorption and water releasability are taken into account. Thick cotton pads do not necessarily absorb water. The cotton pad must have a certain thickness so that it can absorb the lotion, so that it will not irritate the skin during the wiping process, and it will be softer.

After all, there is no essential difference between a cotton pad and a dry makeup remover. The two are the same product, so you don’t have to worry too much about which one to choose. The most important thing is the fit.

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