BOBBI BROWN launches spring limited edition

4月 9, 2021 li Anne

The BOBBI BROWN spring limited Skyscape series is inspired by the changes in the sky under the sun.

The new products are the pink eyeshadow palette PANORAMIC PINK, the orange eyeshadow palette PLACE IN THE SUN and the face makeup palette ON THE HORIZON.

The color palette is based on the theme of “sunset on the horizon”, with brown and pink as the main colors. The product price is between 6380-10780 yen (RMB394-666 yuan).

Makeup brand Ju Duo and the new generation of artist Sun Jiayi launched a new diary series of make-up.

The diary series include eyeshadow tray and lipstick pen. They are fitness diary for the cold-tuned site, food diary for the low-saturation gray-purple tray, and hot girl diary for the warm-toned orange-brown site. The price of a single product is below 100 yuan. .

The outer packaging of the product is printed with a girl’s illustration image, which is designed in the form of an opened diary, and the lipstick pen is also designed in the shape of a crayon.

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