Girlcult updated the series of Shan Hai Jing

4月 16, 2021 li Anne

The cutting-edge cosmetics brand Girlcult has launched new products in the series, including nine-color eyeshadow palette, highlighter, lip glaze and other products. The eyeshadow palette changes the brand’s bold style of color play in the past, and the overall color is mainly earthy.

In addition, the Girlcult 4-color eyeshadow series has also been updated. The two eyeshadow palettes are named Mammoth Congyou and Picking Wild Deer Ming. Among them, Mammoth Congyou takes the baby elephant sponsored by the brand as its design inspiration, and the eyeshadow palette is also printed with the baby elephant pattern. The price range of new products is between 69-129.

Since the new product launch conference was held at the Canal St Kennedy Street offline store, Girlcult also jointly launched a joint limited new product with Canal St Kennedy Street-the universe romantic series of mascara Me Green Star, the paste is green, according to the brand, Its color is taken from the Christmas Aurora Green in Santa’s hometown. Green is not only the main color of Canal St Kennedy Street, but the brand also introduced new colors to welcome Christmas.

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