Inspired new makeup products

4月 9, 2021 li Anne

ColourPop, a high-yield little king in the beauty industry, once again collaborated with Disney to launch a new makeup product inspired by the classic movie “Bambi” from 1942.

This spring-filled new series has 3 5-color eyeshadows, 3 eyeliners, 3 lip glosses, highlights and other products. The product packaging is printed with animated characters such as Thumper, Flower and Bambi.

Makeup brand Joocyee Enzyme has launched a new streamer shell series, designing products inspired by the brilliance of shells.

The contours of the products in this series also continue the previous design, with the introduction of mirror lip glaze, comprehensive makeup palette, blush, highlighter and pressed powder, and the product price is between 69-149 yuan.

The naming of this series of Yeast Color is also very easy to give people a sense of substitution for picking up shells on the beach in summer, such as cinnamon red rock, golden brown sunrise, powder mist drifting and so on. Corresponding to the shiny design of the shell, the color numbers of the makeup palette and blush are also more shiny.

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