National makeup is hot, KOL is rich

4月 24, 2021 li Anne

Beauty brands say it is a big business, but years of losses are still unavoidable in the face of investors’ questioning, and KOLs are really striving for a well-off. The route of Perfect Diary has been followed by latecomers such as Ju Duo and Hua Xizi. With a large number of brands entering the game, both large and small KOLs have business. Top KOLs such as Rebecca offer close to second-tier celebrities, and small KOLs can also eat meat and soup.

The 26-year-old Shanghai Xiaonan Bumei has realized the freedom to take a taxi and buy a package. The hitman who ran between the grids three years ago is now a small blogger with 100,000 fans. Although the fans are few and the loyalty is high, surrounded by this group of loyal fans, Bu Mei’s KOL career is very interesting, and she leads her parents and boyfriend to live the daily life of being contracted by the brand.

“There are too many brands coming to the door.” Bumei, who used to be mainly a lifestyle, has received a lot of private messages from the media since last year-“My dear, will you take beauty?”

Although he is a small blogger, because of the high conversion rate, brands looking for Bumei are also in an endless stream. “Let me put it this way, if I want to, I can post ten Weibo posts a day, all of them are dark. There is no way, now KOLs are very popular regardless of their size.” Bumei’s offer is divided into different price points according to different platforms. In the past, when brands bought official headlines, they would receive a small red book and Weibo promotion, but now they don’t.

“It costs money for promotion on different platforms, and even if I’m working as a dark broadcaster, I’m much more attentive than other KOLs.” Bu Mei said, especially for the promotion of head KOLs, it’s obvious “that those who just want to get caught in the bait.” “But she took a long line to catch big fish.

“Last summer, a national makeup brand found me and wanted to push their foundation. I told her, my dear, do you want a wave or see real sales.” The media said of course they don’t want a wave of promotion. After smashing some splashes, there will be no more information, so Bumei discussed with the other party and spent 3 months to bury the thread.

After Bumei received the products sent by the brand, she did not rush to say that she had bought a new product again. Instead, she posted on Weibo to share her daily life, complaining that she couldn’t hold her makeup in the hot weather, and the lady’s foundation was pulled out for a day. Fans They all expressed that they have the same troubles.

In the next few days, Bumei talked with fans about the pits that she had stepped on in makeup at the end of the year, and then said that she was on the way to taste Baicao in Shennong, and then mixed the brand product with other base makeup as a “tasting Baicao.” “The spoils of war weakened the taste of promotion.

This is just the first step. In the following days, Bu Mei mentioned in various inadvertent tones how good the foundation makeup she had bought inadvertently was praised by her friends and boyfriends. When fans see the effect of Bumei, they naturally have to ask about the brand and color number. Bumei will wait for a while, saying that because she uses tap water every day to praise this product, the brand has found it and hopes to cooperate. And because she wanted to stock up, she got a good price.

“But there are not many KOLs like me.” Bu Mei revealed that some head KOLs don’t even take pictures of their faces, and doing an arm color test has already given the brand a lot of face. Knowing to be perfunctory, the brand can still only take advantage of KOL.

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