8 Beauty eCommerce Trends That Will Define the Industry In 2021

6月 11, 2021 li Anne

The beauty industry has always been at the forefront of eCommerce innovation and reinvention, and this year has been no exception. From clean beauty to hyper-personalized skincare and AI cosmetics solutions, beauty retailers are always looking to enhance their customer experience. With all that s going on, we decided to deep dive into this ever-changing world and provide you with our top beauty eCommerce trends that will continue to push the beauty industry forward in 2021.

In a survey conducted by market research company Nielsen, findings showed that in America beauty aisles were finally beginning to reflect diversity. The number of unique color ranges has grown seven times as fast as product lines as a whole, whilst the number of unique colors of foundation sold had grown three times as fast as the rate of new general product development across foundations.

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