Cooperation between fashion circle and beauty makeup circle

6月 19, 2021 li Anne

Supreme is probably the hottest popular logo of the past two years, so no matter who it co-signs with, it’s almost always causing a stir!This time, the brand has set its sights on a famous makeup artist, and has teamed up with renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath to create a limited edition lipstick collaboration. It’s a collaboration between fashion and beauty, and it’s not a small thing.

The lipstick’s packaging features a distinctive Supreme logo, while the tube features Pat McGrath’s luxurious gold lips. It’s a striking combination of gold and red and white.

The texture of lipstick is foggy, and some blues are added into the bright red, so it is very white. Both the texture and color of lipstick are much better than expected. The overall texture and packaging of lipstick also combine the characteristics and DNA of the two brands, which enhance the collection value.

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