Jumping colors and styles

6月 3, 2021 li Anne

Kaleidos chose eyeshadow disks as its first category. In Tony’s opinion, first of all, eye shadow is the fastest growing category of all kinds of makeup in China. The selection of eye shadow plate can build user cognition by focusing on the limited funds of the new brand with a small and broad scope. Secondly, from the point of view of the product, the packaging material of the eye shadow tray is relatively large, there is more space for design and play, and it is easier to be noticed on the shelf.

In the makeup category, China’s factories for a long time for the international brand OEM, the international well-known processing plants Ying Te Li, Kosi beauty poetry and other early into China to build factories, so China’s makeup supply chain capacity is very mature, this can be said to be the industry consensus.

Tony told us that there is a lot of room for innovation in the combination of color and powder of eye shadow products. Users can not only use “earth color” but also create beautiful eye makeup. Kaleidos’ first eye shadow disc is called “Deep Sea Streamer”, and the color scheme is not just common colors, but visually appealing. In addition, Kaleidos also hopes to improve the texture and color combination of some small colors that consumers find difficult to manipulate in the past, so that users can “play” with beautiful eye makeup.

Kaleidos also started from the eye shadow disc to establish the tone of the brand’s future sense of technology, and its products also increased from eye shadow to highlight, lip glaze, makeup tools.

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