The color is very versatile eye shadow

7月 15, 2021 li Anne

This eye shadow plate each color system is very versatile, a lot of monochrome can do big brand instead of color, powder quality is very good, excellent color display, especially the pearl color especially brilliant the most popular should be pumpkin plate and Sauvignon Blanc plate, once even buying is not good to buy.

Zoeva, a new makeup brand from Germany, can be called the dark horse player in the eye shadow industry. Originally,Zoeva was a brand of makeup brush. In recent years, it has launched cosmetics successively.

Urban eye shadow has always been very popular, and the most popular one is this 12-color eye shadow plate. It is also a plate that many beauty bloggers love to use. There are many choices of colors in each plate。

This plate is limited edition,12 colors, a plate containing matte light color pearl light color and three colors with a slight flash, and even with a flash color will not fly powder is different from other normal and normal color matching, this color matching is very bold, and very good-looking, more suitable for women who like European and American makeup

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