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Jessica Alba Was Ahead Of Her Time In Clean Beauty


The beauty industry has a bad habit of labeling actual […]

Practical DE daily makeup eye shadow plate recommended

Salon Equipment

We often say that the eyes are the window of the soul, […]

Make your lips sexy and full


Lip gloss is generally tubular like toothpaste, with a […]

Meet the beauty business experts

Dropshipping  Salon Equipment

India founded her namesake beauty store to bring her fa […]

Another beauty agent operator rings the bell

Salon Equipment

It is reported that Pan Atlantic Capital is a branch of […]

Jumping colors and styles


Kaleidos chose eyeshadow disks as its first category. I […]

Stylization of makeup brand is the new stage of DTC brand


Makeup is a popular category among new consumer brands […]

National makeup is hot, KOL is rich


Beauty brands say it is a big business, but years of lo […]

In early spring, many brands launch bright makeup and expand base makeup new color numbers


Korean niche makeup brand DEAR DAHLIA launched a vegan […]

Make up the perfect look


First “smart” induction air cushion uses fo […]